Contour Chair

Design Within Reach

The Contour Chair was born of a simple brief; to create an angular dining chair. Through weeks of sketching and tracing over each others scanned sketches, we arrived on a design that featured a sweeping back panel. This became a signature element of the chair and serves as both a structural and decorative element. The long rabbet joint where the panel meets the rear leg provides torsional rigidity and allows for a thinner and more delicate stretcher system. It also makes a bold statement and gives the chair a unique look. We spent a lot of time thinking about how dining chairs are used and seen and we determined that they are most often seen from the back and pushed up to a table. Of course, when youre sitting in a chair you really aren’t seeing it anymore, youre feeling it and making judgements based upon its comfort. We struck a balance between a relatively small and elegant form factor with a very intentional and considered upholstery and padding.

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