Self Initiated
The Beaded Vessels project began with the desire to explore a medium and process that was completely new to us. We had collaborated on projects before, but there was always an element of familiarity in either the typology or the material. Designing around a new material and process gave us the freedom to start fresh.

We decided early on to make a series of vessels and after some though we arrived on the process of extruded ceramic. This process has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, and is most commonly associated with the manufacture of bricks and honeycomb particle filters. Extrusion is the process of forcing a softened material through a die at high pressure that results in a profiled shape that can be trimmed to virtually any length. We wished to explore this process in the attempt to create a form that is only achievable through extrusion and settled on a beaded texture applied to a family of small vases.

In hindsight, the textures closely resemble that of penne pasta, which also happens to be an extruded product.

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